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What to pay attention to when installing a drain cover

Let's talk about the installation of drain covers:

First, before the installation, the foundation of the well cover should be neat and firm, and the inner diameter, length and width should be determined according to the size of the well cover.

Second, when installing drainage manhole cover on the cement pavement, it is necessary to pay attention to the wellhead masonry to use concrete pouring well, but also to establish a concrete protection ring at the periphery, to carry out maintenance for about 10 days.

Third, installing drainage well cover on asphalt pavement should pay attention to avoid construction machinery directly rolling well cover and well base to avoid damage.

Fourth, in order to maintain the appearance of the manhole cover, as well as the clearness of the writing and patterns, it is necessary to pay attention not to soil the manhole cover when pouring asphalt and cement on the road surface.

In order to ensure the normal use of the drainage well cover, attention should be paid to the installation quality of the well cover, not only to make the size accurate, but also to consider whether the opening of the well cover is convenient and clean and beautiful. Most of the drainage covers are mainly round. However, not all circular manhole cover is under the drainage manhole cover. There are many types of manhole cover on the urban road. In addition to the drainage manhole cover, there are tap water, electricity, gas, communication cables, heat, septic tank covers and so on.

Since most of the urban sewage pipe network is built under the carriageway, all once you find that the cover of the drainage well is damaged, or if there is water accumulation in the middle of a stormy road, you should avoid them in time because the direct access to the sewage pipe network falls into direct danger to life.


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