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What are the special advantages of ductile iron covers

Is a ductile iron manhole covers products, ductile spherical graphite obtained through ball and inoculation, effectively improving the mechanical properties of cast iron, in particular, to improve the ductility and toughness, resulting in higher than carbon steel strength. Manhole covers have any special advantage

Covers the material is not the same, the material is ductile iron covers ductile iron, and its strength is relatively large, Common covers composite materials, as well as polymer materials, it is generally not reach so high strength ductile iron.

Scope covers are not the same, ductile iron covers mainly used for urban roads and highways, etc., on these occasions, and load relatively large, by the weight of the covers is relatively large. Common covers are generally applicable to the district, as well as the square or tertiary roads on these occasions the load is relatively low, by the weight of the covers is relatively small.

There are some subtle differences between covers, ductile iron covers covers more than ordinary weight to weight, thickness should be thick, relatively speaking, better quality. Common covers in thickness is thin, the quality should be much lighter, relatively speaking, not under a lot of pressure.

The main component of ductile iron manhole cover is carbon and silicon, also contain small amounts of manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and a small amount of rare earth elements and magnesium ball agent. So manhole covers is how to make it? You just tell us.

Manhole covers production of the first chemical composition of more stringent requirements on the carbon content of silicon content have certain requirements, the original liquid iron content than carbon and silicon gray cast iron engage, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur element to reduce the amount of ductile cast iron.

Ductile iron gray cast iron than the temperature of liquid released when the higher, during the ball handling, you need to add the ball agent, so that the temperature of the ball to avoid the processing time of the loss. Inoculation of time necessary to add inoculant.

Ductile iron casting temperature requirements in a relatively high temperature, the size of the gating system is relatively large. Because the contraction of liquidity and ductile flow relatively large, we need to adopt the principle of solidification. Last port and the rational use of cold iron, heat-treated.


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