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What are the requirements for composite covers

In order to meet the requirements of urban construction and landscaping, the ground drainage system has been changed to the ground, so that both to meet environmental requirements, but also save the area, but at the same time the amount of composite covers will be more, in the composite covers The following requirements should be met during use:

1, the choice of composite covers should be based on drainage pipes to send media, set the place, well diameter and well tubing and other factors to determine.

2, sewage pipe inspection wells should be covered with "dirty" mark, rainwater pipe inspection wells should be "rain" mark.

3, check the wells that in addition to the requirements of special beads, the protective cover of the sewage inspection wells of the composite covers on the mouth should also be set inside the cover.

4, to determine the carrying capacity of the composite covers; to obtain the composite manhole business standards, and see the enterprise standard in the provisions of the composite covers capacity.

5, the composite cover diameter is less than or equal to 315mm, and the inspection wells in the green belt, it is appropriate to use composite covers; when the outdoor environment, the coldest monthly average temperature of 10,000 shu a 10 ℃, the polymer should be used to build a composite cover; In the case of a roadway, a manhole cover with a protective cover shall be used. In the case where the edge zone is to be located above or equal to 450 mm, the covers on the roadway may be used, but not the concrete.

From the above description, we can see that the performance of the composite covers should be excellent, in order to better meet the city's environmental protection and beautification requirements, composite covers are constantly being improved!


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