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What Type of Grate

Boilers or industrial furnaces stacked solid fuel combustion and make it an effective component. Grate the entire part of the frame consists of two pieces and grate. Usually made of cast iron grate. Maintain the necessary ventilation gap between the film and the film after assembly. And often also disposed below the grate can adjust the air volume delimited plenum. In order to discharge air through the gap manually or mechanically into the fuel bed combustion ash burn after. Grate fixed, mobile, reciprocating, vibration and lower feeding type and other types.

Grate type

Folding Fixed

Grate generally strip or plate. Fixedly mounted by the frame around the bottom of the furnace or the combustion chamber. In this grate only periodically by manual coaling and slag. Therefore, labor-intensive operation. Burning economic effect is also poor. Only suitable for small-capacity furnaces such as evaporation of 0.5 t / h industrial boiler or less.

Folding Mobile

There are chain belt chain two. Chain belt Grate grate surface that is linked with itself. The chain-grate grate sheet is fixed to the upper part of the chain bracket or stand. Belt and chain grate chain grate driven by sprocket chain. So slow traveling grate. From the front of the coal grate coal hopper evenly fall on the grate. The thickness of the coal seam with a gate and down the ups and downs be adjusted. As the grate moves backward. Coal from the fire burning until burned. There are no coal to the coal bucket and with stoker coal left rear grate and grate moving forward. Grate speed depending on coal type and boiler load is regulated by the gear transmission. Chain grate reliable operation. Combustion stability. Fuel adaptability. Widely used in industrial boilers.

Reciprocating Folding

By a group of fixed grate and a set of reciprocating moving grate slices. Points ladder and level two. Reciprocation grate activity will gradually push the rear combustion seam. So this grate for coals wide adaptability.

Folding vibrating

There is a small angle between the horizontal surface and the grate. Grate by an electric motor and the role of the eccentric produce periodic vibration. Vibration fuel bed continues to move toward the rear of the furnace. So that ash falls within the pits after the burn grate ends. This grate is characterized by a simple structure.

Fold lower feed formula

A slotted grate structure. Bottom mounted auger. Through to the outside of the furnace coal bucket. Coal auger into the coal chute from the hopper through the lower portion of the coal. Bottom-up into the high temperature combustion zone. When the angle of repose of ash than later. Discharged by gravity to the sides. This simple grate structure. But coal particle size and humidity have certain requirements. Generally apply only to the amount of evaporation of 1 ton / h or less small industrial boilers.

Reciprocating Folding

It is a small-scale mechanization grate developed on the basis of fixed ladder grate. It has a simple structure, easy fabrication, low metal consumption and good news smoke dust removal and so on. On small industrial boilers used more often. It is a promising combustion equipment.

Reciprocating Grate structure: inclined reciprocating grate, reciprocating grate level and pumping reciprocating grate three forms.


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