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Steel grating trench cover

Steel grating trench cover (trench cover, ditch cover, trench cover sewer use) for use in ground sidewalk, driveway, patio or building as a ditch, pipeline trenches, underground tunnels, air shaft, lighting cover and other wells, manhole. Steel grating trench cover usually consists of a fixed frame and the activities of steel grating cover. According to needs, coupled with a fastening mechanism or anti-theft device.

GT steel grating trench cover:

Roadway steel grating trench cover according to dealers direction into the side ditch cover and transverse grooves cover. Bearing flat and perpendicular to the direction of the dealers called the side ditch cover, bearing flat and parallel to the direction of the car dealers called transverse grooves cover.

GT steel grating trench cover suitable for highway road in addition to the case, generally little traffic. When used as a cross-sectional Gully cover, you need to take into account the risk of the cover jump should be a bolted steel grating trench cover, steel grating trench cover corrosion are made of hot-dip galvanized.

GT steel grating trench cover applies to the groove with stand bead (T-shaped groove) along with the usual opening angle care puzzle.

GU-shaped groove steel grating trench cover:

For most ordinary concrete masonry made groove without edge. U-shaped trench cover is very simple and economical. No special groove edge. Load T-6, T-14, the hook bead recommend laying angle. While prefabricated U-shaped groove blocks to build a ditch. Effectively prevent water leakage to the earth. This prefabricated U-shaped groove can also be used in this type of trench cover. When you need the car over, GU-slot grille trench cover only applies to the side ditch.

GM type borehole steel grating cover:

Roads, parks and other municipal facilities, water wells, Shen manholes, manhole, water wells and other water supply and drainage wells or holes, manhole cover, can use GM-type wells steel grating cover. GM type borehole steel grating cover is generally designed to be flip, usually turn the opening and closing angle of 110 °. Hinge pin with steel grating cover not only security but also simplifies the construction process. In order to improve impact resistance, GM-type wells steel grating cover commonly used bar spacing of 50mm steel grating manufactured.


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