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Some Suggestions on the Installation of Manhole Cover

The covers are generally required to be used on roads or other roads, and there are very stringent requirements for installation. Combining the experience of years of installation and installation, it is important to note that the installation of the covers should be followed by the following procedure:

Ductile iron covers or composite covers of brick masonry masonry, should be designed in accordance with the design of the manhole cover size to determine its diameter or length * wide, square (as by the actual construction of the best), can also refer to the standard implementation. When forming the well, it is important to note that the inner diameter of the wellhead should be consistent with the inner diameter of the wellbore. The well covers should be flat with the road surface. This is the premise of reasonable use of the covers, if the wellhead when the wellhead is too large or too small, will cause the well can not be successfully installed, such as the wellhead is too large, the cover will be directly leaked into the well, and the wellhead is too small, Down to the wellhead to go inside, and thus can not be used normally.

The foundation of the wellbore is very important. If the base of the covers is not fastened, the cover will be used for some time, and there will be settlement, displacement, or abnormal sound. Cement roadway seat installation, in the wellhead brick body with C25 concrete casting 20CM thick ring beam smooth, be sure to keep the seat of the Quartet real, the overall formation, not loose, and in the cover cast wide 40CM concrete casing (If it is cement pavement, can also be cast width of 20CM concrete protection ring, and reinforced with steel) maintenance period to 10 days or more.

When installing the covers, be sure to pay attention to the installation of the margin. When installing the covers on the asphalt pavement, it is important to pay attention to avoid the direct grinding of the construction machinery. When the road is cast as a whole, the holes should be reserved slightly larger than the wells in the pavement. (All concrete pavement should be installed in the second stone after the completion of grinding) to ensure the quality of manhole cover to extend the service life.

After the completion of the installation of the covers to attach great importance to the cleanliness of the covers. Concrete or asphalt will be poured into the well laying, the lid should be opened in time to clean, to avoid mortar or asphalt will check the covers and the seat into one, so as not to affect the future open.


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