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Sewer Cover B125 D400 C250 Sales

Sewer cover B125 D400 C250. The use of unsaturated polyester resin matrix for the fiber reinforced thermoset composites, also known as bulk molding compound (dmc), formed by compression molding technology, it is a new environmentally friendly composite covers.

Polymer covers using high temperature and high pressure molding technology, high degree of polymerization, high density, good impact resistance and tensile strength, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not rust, pollution-free, maintenance-free advantages.

Communication covers

Product Features:

Polymer covers internal use steel reinforcing mesh, a key part of the special force to strengthen, in the event of the inevitable external shocks, the pressure can be dispersed quickly guarantor bus safety.

Metal-free, Shisu covers and manhole covers Reinforced concrete skeleton is less than 1/10 of the total weight of the covers. There is not much worth stealing. And because high intensity covers, remove the covers from within this small point reinforcement is extremely difficult. So, the thief does not steal.

1. Resin composite covers high-strength, low price, beautiful appearance. This product can be any color, installation, maintenance, easy to identify, because no recycling value, *** the problem of theft. Our country will be gradually replaced with composite material covers the next three to five years, the market has great potential.

2. Synthetic resin composite covers. This covers the use of new high-strength synthetic material unsaturated resin and glass fiber composite system to do. Covers are mid-range products.

Composite covers use of the unique characteristics of


As technology continues to evolve, as commonly used materials and composite covers municipal and construction has been rapid development. Constantly improving and updating, the complex covers more and more welcomed by everyone, in urban construction continue to be put into use, have their own unique characteristics of the use.

1. High intensity: has high compressive, flexural, impact strength, toughness. The product will be crushed and damaged covers the phenomenon of long-term use, can completely eliminate the occurrence of "City black hole" of the accident.

2. Beautiful appearance: composite covers surface pattern design beautiful, bright colors adjustable, beautify the urban environment.

3. Easy to use, light weight: only about one-third the weight of cast iron, easy to transport, installation, repair, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

4. Security: composite covers no recycling value, natural anti-theft; according to customer needs and has a locking mechanism to achieve the well property theft.

5. Weathering resistance: composite covers scientific formula, advanced technology, improve technology and equipment so that the product can be used normally at -50 ℃ ~ + 300 ℃ environment.

6. Acid, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, the vehicle rolling, long service life.

Composite covers used internally reinforced steel mesh, a key part of the special force to strengthen, in the event of the inevitable external shocks, the pressure can be dispersed quickly guarantor bus safety. Beautify the urban environment but also to ensure traffic safety.


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