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Reciprocating grate china casting

China casting There are two inclined reciprocating grate. One is more common in general inclined reciprocating grate. Another is the recently developed water-cooled reciprocating grate.

Usually inclined reciprocating grate mainly by the fixed grate, moving grate piece, the transmission mechanism and the reciprocating mechanism and other components.

The entire surface of the combustion grate 50/50 fixed grate furnace and activity sheets into groups. Both interval laminated stepwise. Tilt 15. ~ 20. angle. Fixed grate-piece fitted in a fixed grate beam. Fixed grate beam and then fixed on a sloping channel support. Activities grate assembled in the moving grate beams. Moving grate beams resting on the rollers by a stationary grate beams on both ends of expenditure. All sides of the lower end of the moving grate beams with connecting rods together into a whole.

When the motor is started. Transmission mechanism driven by the eccentric wheel through the active lever, connecting rod sliding shaft, connecting rod. So that the activity on the fixed grate grate reciprocating operation. Reciprocating stroke is generally 30 ~ 70mm. Coal along the rear goes down. The motor is controlled by a time relay. According to the boiler load and coal requirements of the different adjusting the opening stop time.

Water-cooled reciprocating grate composed mainly of cast iron grate butterfly, water shelf, transmission and reciprocating mechanism and other components. Butterfly cast iron grate and plumbing shelf type.

Water shelf consists of a row of two straight pipe welded to the header. Front and rear header pipe and drum respectively Unicom China Unicom. And forming a circulation loop. Butterfly cast iron grate embedded in the pipe between the pipe rack. Grate the contact surface coating and pipe water glass blending metal powders. With tight mold module. Pot of water flowing through pipes. Make butterfly cast iron grate cooled.

Inclined reciprocating grate behind. Some settings burn grate (also known as Yu burner row). On this basic grate ash burn them combustibles. Then flip the grate. Pour all the ash. Due to severe burn grate air leakage. Tiaofeng and complex. The multi-use seal pits. Regular or continuous slagging.

Inclined reciprocating grate when using more volatile, fast ignition of coal. Easy to burn coal bucket at the outlet. And out of the smoke from the coal bucket. In order to eliminate this drawback. In coal gate at Walter secondary air. The flame blowing furnace. But more radical solutions. Coal is a means to improve the coal bucket below. The coal leaving the coal bucket and then push through the feed plate. Position deeper into the furnace after combustion.

Inclined reciprocating grate and grate the same. In order to smooth the coal fire and the strengthening of the furnace gas mixing. Also we need to layout the furnace arch. For reciprocating grate situation. It may generally be relatively simple inclined front arch. When burning bituminous coal and lignite. Some do not set low and long after the arch. But with the arch or in the wall to match the front arch. Help new coal fire. Or hogging the wall. It may be completely vertical. It may be vertically lower portion, an upper forward. After the usual vertical partition when burning bituminous coal. Some also provided slag arch, that is, after the wall extends a small arch. Burnout zone to radiate heat. So full of ash burnout.


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