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Precautions for installing covers

Now the city streets can see the covers everywhere, the general cover need to be directly fixed on the asphalt pavement, so in the construction process and should pay attention to whether the effect of the installation of the lid, in the fixed cover, through the mechanical tools For the processing, and the road casting, the need to reserve the appropriate area in the road, the entire operating procedures should be carried out in accordance with the standards, so as to ensure that after a fixed installation more stable and reliable.

The current types of covers are very many, according to the production of materials, size and thickness to distinguish, and can also be combined with the actual situation of the road to design custom, in the purchase of products, there are many patterns to choose from, people can choose the appearance of fine A cover that fits the installation environment.

In order to ensure that the appearance of the covers to maintain a good state, the construction also need to use a relatively thin metal to cover, the advantage of doing so is to avoid direct injection of asphalt on the lid, because during construction accidentally let the asphalt contact with the lid is easy to be Corrosion, so with metal to cover can play a protective role. If it is in the cement on the ground for construction, this time to use plastic film to cover, do not let cement mortar and other raw materials stick to the lid, so that the appearance of the cover pattern can maintain a good condition.

In the fixed installation of the covers, the need to find a professional staff to complete the construction process, so from the selection of mechanical equipment to the development of the installation process can meet the construction standards, so that the lid can be used after a fixed installation for a longer time, not prone to quality problems , Reduce maintenance costs, and achieve the desired application.


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