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Operation and management of Small Scale Chain Grate

a. Grate combustion is normal: the fire bed flat, uniform flame clouds, bright yellow, no string of cold crater, burn neat line segment, ash dimmed, the smoke from the chimney pale gray.

b. Never iron or other debris into the furnace, grate to prevent jamming.

c. To maintain a certain coal seam thickness, coal conversion, or only when a larger boiler load changes, to change the thickness of the coal seam coal seam thickness is 80-180mm, using a thin seam of bituminous coal combustion, coal seam thickness

90-120mm. When bituminous coal or anthracite and bituminous coal co-firing inferior, coal seam thickness of 100-130mm. Coal humidity, using a slow combustion thick seam. (The above data for reference only)

d. Coal hopper should not be within the coal shortage and be ready to eliminate coal hopper "fired bypass" phenomenon.

e. When the coal into the furnace should be 200-300 at the gate from the coal fire can not burn coal at the gate, or to burn coal gate. In similar circumstances, may accelerate the coal with water or fire grate speed.

f. When the coal into the furnace, if not fire away from coal gate at 200-300, is called "off the fire." Opens the door to dial the fire, about to burn coal appropriated coal seam near the gate, or put flammable, accelerate the speed of the fire.

g. Found coke, coke block not less than 200mm, otherwise it should open the door, we were playing coke.

h. It should remain uniform throughout the grate combustion or, in case the crater, black flame phenomena or uneven seams, available poker dial flat.

i. Grate ash and soot at the front of the air chamber, the class must be 3-4 times to clean up.

j. Non-pressurized combustion, you should check the wind blowing and the work and a tail flue is blocked, and troubleshooting.

k. Should be avoided "stuffy furnace pressure fire" to prevent damage to the grate burnt.

l. When the boiler load increases, the need to strengthen the burning, it should increase the wind, add the blast, then accelerate grate speed, increasing the thickness of the grate when necessary. When the boiler load reduction, reduced need for combustion, should reduce air, coal seam thickness can be reduced if necessary.

m. General Parking grate in the following order.


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