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Inclined reciprocating grate combustion characteristics

Sloped Reciprocating Grate combustion with chain grate similar. Also segmented supply and appropriate to add secondary air. Also has a section of the combustion process. Coal from the coal bucket down. Along the inclined grate surface from the front slowly moving downward direction. Air supply from the bottom up. Calorific value of coal required to fire mainly from the furnace. It has been carried out at all stages of drying, dry Hall, volatile fire, char combustion and ash burnout and the like. They are the same as with the chain grate.

Inclined reciprocating grate chain grate distinguish a key feature. The relative movement of coal grate. When the downward push backward moving grate. Some of the new coal fed to the upper portion of the coal is pushed already burning. When moving grate above the forward return. And back part of the coal burning has not yet returned to the bottom of the combustion of coal. New coal for heating. This fire conditions and similar hand-burning stove. Superior to grate. Coal being driven process. Continue to be squeezed. Thereby undermine the charred shell and gray. While coal and slow roll. Seam get so loose and smooth. Help burn.

Sloped Reciprocating Grate the advantages and disadvantages

Sloped Reciprocating Grate Advantages

1. Compared with the chain grate. Suitable for burning high moisture and ash content, low calorific value (12560kJ / kg) of low quality coal and general easy coking coal.

2. When the amount of air supplied more reasonable. When less air leakage. Ash-containing carbon rate is generally 18% to 20%. Than the hand burning furnace ash containing carbon rate of 5% to 10%. Economizer and can reduce black smoke.

3. Simple structure. Easily manufactured. Metal consumption is low. Less power consumption.

Sloped Reciprocating Grate shortcomings

1. Since the grate inclination. Thus making furnace tall.

2. Coal particle size requirements are more stringent. Diameter is generally not more than 40mm. Otherwise it is difficult to burn through.

3. High temperature zone grate prolonged contact with red-hot coal seam. Easy to burn.

4. The boiler load changes adaptability is poor. It applies only to the boiler evaporation 40t / h or less.

5. Coal leakage is more serious. To overcome inclined reciprocating grate furnace tall shortcomings. Horizontal reciprocating grate has been improved. And received a certain effect.


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