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How to install ductile iron covers is correct

Ductile iron manhole cover is widely used in the construction of every city. In order to ensure its normal use, we must not only pay attention to its own product quality, but also ensure that it can be installed correctly. Today we can understand together. Take note of the installation of it.

His brickwork is masonry. The inner diameter or length and width of the well cover should be determined according to the size of the well cover designed by the design institute. It can also be implemented with corresponding reference standards. We must pay attention to that the inner diameter of the wellhead should be consistent with the inner diameter of the well cover. The installed well cover should be level with the road surface. After the concrete and asphalt will be cast and laid, the well cover should be cleaned in time. • To avoid mortar or asphalt, pour the inspection cover and seat together so as not to affect future opening. When the cement road surface wells are installed, on the brickwork at the wellhead, use a concrete to cast a 20-cm thick circle and smooth it. Be sure to keep it! The overall leveling cannot be loosened. It is also possible to cast a concrete protection ring with a width of 20 cm. Its maintenance period must be more than ten days. In order to ensure the appearance of the surface of the well cover and the clearness of the surface pattern and writing, we should cover it with a thin metal sheet during the construction of the asphalt pavement. On the manhole cover. To prevent the asphalt oil Kun from covering the well cover, when the cement pavement is being constructed, cover the well cover with a plastic film so as not to contaminate the surface of the well cover with the cement mortar and damage the surface and handwriting of the pattern. After the completion of construction on the same day, the surface of the manhole cover can be cleaned with water.


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