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DN700 ductile iron covers

DN700 manhole covers main application areas: Available in urban construction of water supply, sewerage pipeline inspection wells, heating, gas manholes, postal services, telecommunications, communications cable tube wells, wells power lines, street lights well, fire wells, valves well, corrosion engineering, ditch cover, and can be manufactured according to customers' special needs.

Ductile iron covers DN700 Features

1. Long life: corrosion resistance, pollution-free, maintenance-free, can be used for more than 50 years.

2. High capacity: carrying capacity far more than other types of products, bearing pressure, crack-proof vehicles falling and other accidents.

3. Anti-theft: general security design, design of new anti-theft, Manhole covers and high-strength bolts, integrated design.

4. Anti-jump cover: The shockproof rubber ring, so that the vehicle passes produce no noise, environmental compliance.

5. Security is good: binding covers tight, no jump, Rocker, sound, movement and so on, no noise, safe and reliable.

6. Aesthetics: beautify the urban environment, Spraying black asphalt to make products look bright, clean and tidy.

7. Anti-Slip: covers the surface of a special non-slip pattern, increase the friction, preventing the rain, snow, ice covering pedestrians slipping.

Manhole covers DN700 Category: DN700 ductile iron covers are generally divided into round and square. Press bearing capacity is divided into light and heavy, and processing heavy covers. Use is divided into: water supply manhole covers, inspection covers waste water, telecommunications inspection covers, inspection covers rain.

Manhole covers Material: ductile iron QT500-7 material, increasing the density of the product, so that the product has a strong compression. Bending, impact, heat, cold, abrasion, acid and alkali resistance, aging is not easy deformation characteristics.

DN700 manhole covers criteria: 97S501-1 cast iron covers, CJ T3012-1993 cast iron manhole cover ,, European EN124 cast iron manhole covers,

Manhole covers Specifications: DN500, DN600, DN700, DN800, (Other sizes can be produced on demand)

Ductile iron manhole cover DN700 Price: manhole covers price per piece price, can also be calculated according to the theoretical weight tonnes prices.

DN700 manhole covers production processes: steel production line, EPC production line, sand resin production line, inside and outside the product can have multiple coatings. For example: anti-corrosion coating of asphalt, epoxy powder coating, polyurethane coating inside and outside, can reach different customer needs.


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