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Correctly select the importance of the covers

The most common covers on the market are round and square, and there are always a variety of problems in the face of the purchase of covers, especially in the case of ductile iron covers, which require very strict quality, Of the security, the following teach you how to correctly select the covers. In the selection of these two shapes of the covers, to take into account their shape brought about by the advantages and disadvantages.

The main reason for the use of circular ductile iron covers is that the diameter of the circle is as long as it does so, and no matter how the covers are turned, his diameter will be slightly wider than the below well and will not fall into the well. So the use of round ductile iron covers, the general is the urban areas of the road, it can better protect pedestrians and vehicle safety.

The diagonal of the square is significantly longer than each of its sides, so that when the cover is rolled up, it is easy to fall into the well along the diagonal direction of the wellhead, creating a safety hazard. If the wellhead is rounded or significantly smaller than the manhole, the square covers will not fall into the well. But this involves a material to maximize the use and conservation of the problem. The use of the wellhead depends on the size of the wellhead, and if it is necessary to install a well above the wellhead, it is more effective to use a circular cover than to use the material and ensure The safety of the wellhead.

Above the introduction of two different shapes of the covers, of course, these two different types of materials must be ductile iron, ductile iron covers Applications: municipal roads, highways, communications, electricity, water, residential, schools and other parks.


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